If you’re passionate about the blacksmithing trade and want to climb up the ladder, it’s necessary to have plenty of hands-on experience. Before that, knowing what guidelines to follow is ideal if you want your skills to improve. One of the best ways to achieve this is by getting your hands on the best blacksmithing books.

With this in mind, this post will discuss 15 of the best blacksmithing books you’ll find online and offline. Undoubtedly, these books come with great advice, tips and tricks, and techniques you can master in the trade. The inspiration you get from these books will allow you to take this hobby seriously and put your skills into practice!

Why Books Are A Great Way To Learn Blacksmithing

Books are one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. Similarly, you can rely on books to learn blacksmithing. With plenty of books available on and off the market, getting your hands on the best blacksmithing books is easy.

Books are also a great way to learn blacksmithing because they contain thorough information. Rest assured, experts in the field write these, whom publishers choose for publication of their books. Furthermore, these books are scrutinized by experts before being released to the public for sale.

Of course, reading a book doesn’t mean you can master this craft: you need to get your hands on the right blacksmithing tools for practice. Since the necessary information and guidelines are available in books in plenty, you can refer to them quickly. This way, you can also retain data for a long time.

Besides being resourceful, blacksmithing books allow you to brush up on your techniques. The fact that plenty of books on blacksmithing are available in the market goes on to show their significance. Being single-topic, you can choose your book according to your level of expertise. Not only that, but you can also buy your books according to your author preference.

Another reason to choose blacksmithing books to master this art is that they offer lifelong values. The more you keep reading, the more you’re bound to process and put the provided information into practice. It’ll be a plus point if you’re an avid reader!

The deep feeling you get when you fully immerse yourself in reading a book is priceless. Since your interest lies in discovering more techniques on blacksmithing, reading a book on the topic will be advantageous.

You may get an affordable book with notable content if you’re lucky. Seeing countless blacksmithing books readily available could lead to confusion. You should take your time and do your fair share of research before deciding on one or two of these books. Once this is done, you’ll be pleased you took your time to choose the right books.

What Parameters are Important Before Selecting A Book?

Before you buy a book, you’re bound to be slightly confused about which to select. With plenty of options for you to choose from, it might be more of a Herculean task. You might even be on the verge of giving up before long. For this reason, knowing what parameters are essential before selecting a book is vital. Let’s look at five of these below.

  1. Quality

Of course, the quality of the book and what you expect to learn from it is what matters at the end of the day. If you’re a beginner blacksmith and pick a random book, it may not be valuable to you as it could be for a blacksmith at the intermediate level. Therefore, you must check that the book adds value and quantity to your knowledge.

  1. Price

If you buy a cheap book, you might get only some of the necessary information. It doesn’t mean that you should go for the most expensive book you find! That said, if you’re looking for a book at an average price, try looking it up online. This way, you can filter the price and purchase your book according to the reviews.

  1. Material

Another thing to remember before purchasing a book is to check its material. A paperback book of low quality may be more prone to damage than a book that has a hardcover. If you plan on storing your book for a long time, ensure you don’t compromise on the material. That said, no matter how good the quality of a paperback book is, there’s nothing more like a hardcover book.

  1. Writing Style

A book should do what it’s meant to: provide knowledge and keep you engaged. If you end up feeling bored after a few minutes, the chances are the writing style of the book isn’t up to par. A good book should keep you interested till the end and challenge your limits. Moreover, it should also come with clear messages on what you need to do to become an expert in the trade.

  1. Readability

Some books may be hard to understand and require you to read the same sentence twice. The readability of such a book may not allow you to process the information you require. This is why it’s advisable to skim through a few chapters before buying your book and assess whether it’s readable. You’ve secured yourself a good deal if it’s up to your standard and falls under your budget.

Best Blacksmithing Books

Let’s look at 15 of the best blacksmithing books you can get your hands on. They have been classified into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Undoubtedly, these books will help you practice the art of blacksmithing in a more intricate yet enjoyablefashion.

List for Beginners

Blacksmithing Basics for the Homestead

Rating– 4.5

Written by Joe DeLaRonde

Blacksmithing Basics is one of the best blacksmithing books you can grab. It’s easy to read and offers a basic foundation for novices to start on. Moreover, the famous author provides straightforward directions on how to execute different projects.

When you start reading the book, you’ll be taken back to the history of this craft. After that, the author shows how to use steel and iron to make gears. As the title suggests, the book’s whole emphasis is on homesteading.

If you’re already an advanced blacksmith, you may find this book to be of no value to you. The reason is simple: it already contains all the basic information you need for starting this trade. This book can benefit those who want to start their business or take this trade as a serious hobby.


  • Beginners and experts can find this book beneficial
  • It includes pictures and diagrams


  • Some might find the techniques to be too ancient

The Backyard Blacksmith

Rating– 5

Written by Lorelei Sims

Another book to get your hands on when you’re a beginner in blacksmithing is The Backyard Blacksmith. First of all, it contains only 174 pages! If you’re not much into reading, this one’s for you. This doesn’t mean the content of the book is compromised.

The author of the book is professional blacksmith Lorelei Sims. The book comes with step-by-step procedures on how to start projects. It also has steps to create equipment from scratch and construct metal through varying fabrication processes.

The book includes lessons on heating methods, gears for blacksmithing, and more. Further, the writer also mentions some of the essential tools you’ll need when you start this trade.


  • Instructions are to the point
  • It introduces ways to create simple tools


  • The use of different gears can get overwhelming

The Blacksmith’s Craft: A Primer for Tools & Methods

Rating– 4.6

Written by Charles McRaven

If you’re looking for hands-on experience to start learning the art of this trade, you need to get this book! From evolving skills to making tools with nothing more than simple supplies, The Blacksmith’s Craft offers all this and more.

Being the novice blacksmith you are, it’s understandable that getting your hands on expensive materials isn’t in question. For this reason, the author delves into several projects you can complete using simple household items. This book also contains a brief blacksmithing history.

Reading this book will provide more in-depth information about this profession and the techniques involved. You could also look at new ways to develop tools using techniques you never thought possible!


  • The projects included are straightforward
  • It’s a great asset for beginner blacksmiths


  • Intermediate-level blacksmiths may find it too basic

Basic Blacksmithing: An Introduction to Toolmaking

Rating– 4.5

Written by David Harries

If you’re a novice in blacksmithing, this book is perfect for you in every way! Basic Blacksmithing introduces ways to make tools from scratch with raw materials. Not only that, but it also allows learners without prior work experience to take on projects.

As it is, this line of work requires you to use plenty of tools, including a forge, tongs, and a hammer. This book will give you a head start on learning essential ways of blacksmithing, including handling the essential equipment.

Rest assured, you can save a lot of bucks when you design your own tools for blacksmithing and forging. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hobby or a passion: it can be a great way to pass your time while gaining extensive knowledge.


  • It comes with detailed descriptions with visuals for beginners
  • It includes tips on how to make tools in simple ways


  • The book is not for experts

Forged: A Guide To Becoming A Blacksmith

Rating– 4.6

Written by Liam Hoffman

If blacksmithing is more than just a hobby for you and you want to take things up a notch, Hoffman’s Forged will make for an insightful read. Apart from the straightforward instructions on using certain tools, the author mentions safety measures to remember while working on blacksmithing tasks.

If you plan on setting up a shop, one of the first things you’ll need to do is get a hold of inexpensive yet decent tools. This book contains several tips on how to do so without spending your entire fortune! Not only that, but it also compares the prices of various tools you’ll need as a blacksmith at an entry level.

This book is a must-read if you’re serious about blacksmithing. Within no time, you’ll find yourself being an expert in the field, ready to move on to the next level of expertise.


  • It comes with safety measures for several pieces of useful equipment
  • The book contains a price comparison and an explanation of basic tools


  • This book isn’t meant for experienced blacksmiths

List for Intermediates

Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking

Rating– 4.5

Written by Percy Blandford

First on the list of best blacksmithing books for the intermediate level is Blandford’s Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking. Whether you’re at the basic, intermediate, or experienced level of blacksmithing, this book will undoubtedly help you brush up on your skill and expertise.

The best part is that it comes with pictures to clarify and build up on the information the author provides. Affordable and handy at the same time, this book is one of the top favorites among readers and has good customer reviews. Further, its content is of high quality- just what you expect out of a good book.

It doesn’t matter if you already have hands-on experience in the field: you can always improve your existing knowledge. Who knows, you might learn a few tricks to help speed up some processes and techniques you find difficult to master.


  • It serves as a reference for blacksmiths of all levels
  • The content is top-notch
  • It comes with pictures that serve the purpose


  • The projects in this book might not be challenging enough for a skilled blacksmith

Secrets of the Forge

Rating– 4.9

Written by Antonello Rizzo

Originally written in the Italian language, Secrets of the Forge is an English version of one of the internationally bestselling blacksmithing books. The book is more like a project book for intermediate-level blacksmiths looking for ways to up their game. It also gives a detailed explanation of tasks like creating scrolls and winding bars.

It comes with 48 projects by 24 experienced Italian blacksmiths, which are easy and simple to understand and execute. In the book, these artisans also shed light on their methods for tasks that range from basic to intricate.


  • The book contains 48 projects for blacksmiths with varying experiences
  • Beginners, intermediates, and experts can gain a lot of knowledge from this book


  • Some projects may be too complicated for intermediate blacksmiths

The Blacksmith’s Project Book

Rating– 4.5

Written by Antonello Rizzo

Another must-read book by Rizzo for blacksmiths at the intermediate level is The Blacksmith’s Project Book. This book comes with 248 pages and contains 20 projects. Some of these projects pertain to forging, chrome finishing, metal fusing, and more. If you’ve given the previous book a read, this one will certainly take things to the next level.

Perhaps, you have a specific project design you want to start. This book gives the means and ways to do so without hampering your original decision. Toward the end of the book, the author includes an interesting essay on how to restore old wrought iron.


  • It comes with 900 photographs and 20 projects
  • The book covers all the basic techniques for intermediates and beginners


  • Beginner blacksmiths without basic knowledge of the art might find this book challenging

A Blacksmithing Primer

Rating– 4.7

Written by Randy McDaniel

The whole book is a course in basic and intermediate blacksmithing. This means if you’re a beginner who’s ready to turn this trade this hobby into a passion, you’ve got to purchase this book! In the book, the author goes into the details of blacksmithing basics. These include the way to position pieces of equipment, how to swing a hammer, where and how you need to position yourself when working with specific tools, and more.

If the explanations aren’t enough, computer-aided designs (CADs)included in the book will help you out a great deal. Most of these drawings are step-by-step procedures on how to forge objects. The book also comes with basic projects to help you get a jumpstart.


  • It comes with detailed instructions for beginner and intermediate blacksmiths
  • The book contains CAD drawings for aided reference


  • This book isn’t ideal for experts

The Complete Modern Blacksmith

Rating– 4.6

Written by Alexander Weygers

Last on this list of best blacksmithing books for intermediates is The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander Weygers. One thing that makes this book stand out among the rest is the mention of an ample guide on three crucial parts of the trade. These are using and making equipment, repairing tools, and recycling waste materials.

It shouldn’t surprise you to see an experienced blacksmith reading this book. Since the material included in the book touches on the trade at a deeper level, experts can put their experience and knowledge into practice. It won’t be hard to find this book lying around the shelves of every blacksmith’s home!

The best part is that you also get this book in an e-format. If you prefer to skim through the chapters before buying a physical copy, you could do that, too. Mostly referred to by expert blacksmiths as a reference book, it’s a given you won’t waste a moment finding out all about its useful content.


  • It can act as a reference material for intermediates and experts
  • The book contains deep-seated blacksmithing techniques


  • This book isn’t beginner-friendly

List for Experts

Steel Metallurgy

Rating– 4.7

Written by S. K. Mandal

If you’re looking for a great book on blacksmithing for experts, you can’t go wrong with Mandal’s Steel Metallurgy. As the name suggests, the book mostly talks about the properties of steel and its varying applications. If you’re interested to know about the scientific aspects of steel and the reason for its usage, this book is a must-read.

Experts in the field can polish their techniques by reading through the clearly-written technical concepts. This is possible once they grasp the idea of steel and its importance in the blacksmithing industry.


  • This book is technical to the maximum level
  • It describes metallurgy and usage of steel from the core


  • To understand the text better, you may have to read it more than once

The Artist Blacksmith

Rating– 4.7

Written by Peter Parkinson

This book by Peter Parkinson is a highly-noted reference book among blacksmiths at the expert level. Even though it’s beginner-friendly, the techniques and designs mentioned in the book might not be well-suited for novices. In short, this book is for advanced blacksmiths looking forward to better insight into the craft.

While going through the book, you’ll find that the author mentions several projects with a stepwise guide. This allows you to experiment with new projects while also learning a great deal along the way. Even though some of the projects or techniques might be difficult, you’ll find it a great challenge, especially considering your level of expertise.

In the book, the author comes up with a few forging designs that are comparatively new. It should interest you to find out what technique you can use to quickly and efficiently create new tools.


  • It comes with a detailed guide
  • The book offers challenging projects and techniques to level up your experience


  • Even though it is beginner-friendly, some projects may be too complicated

Practical Blacksmithing

Rating– 4

Written by Milton Thomas Richardson

Even though this book contains plenty of information on the foundation of blacksmithing, it is also a good read for experts. Practical Blacksmithing covers the features of working with steel and iron while providing readers with clear instructions and details. It also comes with various techniques and methods and offers immense craft knowledge.

Once you start reading, the author talks about the crucial processes of blacksmithing, like drilling, tempering, cutting, and more. To make it even more interesting, the author touches on the subject’s history, equipment used in the olden days, and plenty of DIY projects. The addition of about 1,000 pictures in the book is a plus point.


  • It can be for both beginners and experts in the field
  • The book comes with detailed instructions and DIYs.


  • Some may not want to dive into the blacksmithing history mentioned in the book

New Edge of the Anvil: A Resource Book for the Blacksmith

Rating– 4.7

Written by Jack Andrews

For experts in the field, New Edge of the Anvil is a must-read book. It deals with the comprehensive study of varying blacksmithing projects’ technical parts. Apart from forging procedures, the book also explains the science behind gears used in everyday life.

If you’ve just started liking this trade and want to know its technical aspects, this is the book you should lookfor. Since the book talks about metallurgy to a great extent, it’ll be of great help if you know its basics.

For amateurs and experts alike, this book can be an excellent choice to better understand the whole process of blacksmithing. It helps if you’re already familiar with the technical part of it or are interested in learning. If not, you might find it boring and skim through the pages without learning anything new.


  • It deals with the technical aspects of blacksmithing
  • Ideal for beginner and advanced blacksmiths


  • Some readers might find it too technical

Traditional Ironwork Designs

Rating– 4.2

Written by Josef Feller

This book of designs by Josef Feller is a book you need to add to your collection already! It has over 270 graphics and illustrations of wrought ironworks based in Germany’s Dusseldorf. Considering you’re already an expert looking to take up design projects, this book should help you in many ways.

You don’t need to worry, as these are royalty-free designs. The designs range from balcony railings to weather vanes and castle gates. So, the sky is the limit when you want to start your first project! This book is certain to inspire expert blacksmiths who are looking to start their venture in the field.

If you’re looking for a book on blacksmithing basics, this book is a no-no. As the title of the book suggests, this book is already for those advanced blacksmiths who are looking at new ways of coming up with traditional designs.


  • The book is considerably affordable
  • It comes with more than 270 royalty-free illustrations and designs


  • The book doesn’t come with DIY projects


Whether you’re an expert or a novice, there’s nothing more sensible than reading a book to gain more insightful knowledge. Who knows, you may stumble upon a trick or two of techniques that you want to master!

With the extensive number of books available, these 15 best blacksmithing books might be the building block for your love of this trade.

If you’re already excited about what vast techniques and projects you can partake in, don’t wait any longer. Get your hands on one or two of the best blacksmithing books today. You’ll surprise yourself when experimenting with different techniques like a pro.