If you’re looking for a top-notch forge kit for metalworking that requires high temperatures you’ve landed in the right spot. There are different kinds of forge fuel for blacksmithing and other metalworking. Coal, Charcoal, and propane are the fuel types. Among these, propane forges kits are widely considered the ideal forge for all users, from professionals to beginners.

Propane forges are pretty easy to use and maintain too. They require very little expertise to handle and work more efficiently than their forge fuel counterparts. You can buy commercially available propane forge or build your own from a propane forge kit.

What are Propane Forge Kits

A propane forge is a type of forge that uses propane gas as a fuel source to produce heat. It is widely used by blacksmiths, bladesmiths, and other metalworkers to heat and shape metal into various tools, weapons, and decorative items.

Propane forges are available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small tabletop models to larger freestanding units. A propane kit typically consists of a chamber made of refractory material, which is designed to withstand high temperatures and insulate the heat inside.

A burner is attached to the forge, fuelled by propane gas, and supplies the required amount of heat necessary to melt and shape metal.

One of the main advantages of using a propane forge is its convenience and easily operable. Propane is readily available and can be easily stored in tanks, making it a popular choice for metalworkers who need to move their equipment around.

Propane forges also provide a consistent and controlled heat source, allowing metalworkers to accurately control the temperature of their workpieces.

Overall, propane forges are an essential tool for metalworkers looking to create high-quality metalwork. They are uncomplicated and provide a consistent heat source. Unlike other forges, a propane forge doesn’t smoke, hence making them an excellent choice over the alternatives.

What you Should Know Before Getting a Propane Forge Kit

If you’re planning to buy a propane forge kit, there are several aspects you should be well aware of. Considering that these kits are a bit of a hefty investment, it’s best to cover all the bases before you commit to a decision.

Here are some of the points you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Safety First

Propane is a highly flammable gas and can be disastrous if not handled properly. When buying a kit, confirm the product you’re about to purchase is genuine and not an outdated product.

Materials tend to rust, lose their quality with age and lose the guaranteed safety. Also always make sure you have read the manual and understood the procedure before operating a propane kit.

Size Matters

If you intend to buy items for a propane forge individually, remember to keep in the mind the size. match the size of your forge to the items.

If this confuses you, buying a packed kit is always the best option. Also, the overall size of the forge and kit is important, a size too small will not provide adequate heat. While too large can produce flames that may be difficult to control and can be wasteful too.

Burner Type

There are different kinds of propane burners such as a Venturi and a Forced Air Burner. They have their different mechanism for working; with Forced Air Burner providing more combustion as compared to a Venturi.

Each has its advantages and consequently demerits, so with a little research you can easily choose which type suits your needs.

Material quality

Material quality has a significant impact on the quality and safety of the product. the best way to know which product has good quality will be by checking the insulation.

A good propane forge should withstand high temperatures, so a good insulation blanket made from high-quality materials should be on your list.

Product Efficiency

A good propane forge kit should be fuel efficient. looking for a kit that has a high-efficiency rating, it will save you a lot of money on fuel costs in the long run.

Manufacturer reputation

It is important to choose a propane kit from a reputable manufacturer. Research carefully on the different brands, you can look at purchase reviews on the product to make an informed decision.


Finally, an expensive propane kit doesn’t equate to better quality. Keep in mind the points mentioned above and look for a kit that provides the best value within your budget.

Recommended Propane Forge Kit

The VEVOR Portable Propane Forge With Three Burners

If you’re looking for a good quality Propane forging kit, you should consider the VEVOR portable Propane Forge three burners. Follow the instructions written on the manual carefully while assembling the kit. It is always best to research proper and safe ways to assemble before doing it.

Product Specification: 

Propane Forge dimensions are 23.6x 7.0 x 5.7 inches (60 x 17.68 x 14.4 cm). It has a suitable workroom with a 15L volume chamber. The chamber has a 1.5mm Pure Iron cold-rolled plate case. 

This Propane Forging kit comes with 3 Burners, 4 gas hosepipes, 1 Gas Pressure Regulator, 8 throat hoops, 1 support frame, 1 high-temperature glove, 3 fire bricks, 1 Teflon Tape (PTFE), 1 Cross, 1 tong, 3 Air chocks, and an anvil.

The Single Horn Iron Anvil has a top size of 11 x 4.5/8 (27.9 x 11.75 cm) and a base size of 10x 7 (25.4 X 17.78 cm). It has a rounded horn and a fully polished protective enamel coating.

It is an extra-long horn design and has machined hardy holes with four anchor points.


The Propane Forge can withstand 2462°F/ 1350°C, which is more than adequate for forging metals. The product comes with the complete kit required for propane forging.

The propane forge has a thick silicate fiber insulation that maintains a required constant elevated temperature. It has a high boosting efficiency with 230.4kw.h / 786k BTU burner. 

The single horn Iron Anvil is mid-sized weighing 66 lbs (approx. 30 kg) and has an extra-long rounded horn. The base has hardy holes which can clamp to a workbench for better stability or balance. 

This forging kit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, reliable propane kit. Its standout feature is its portability. While the forge is a big three-burner, it can be transported from one place to another by one person alone which is made easy by the support frame.

Compared to other forges, the VEVOR Portable Propane Forge has a three burner which means it’s capable of producing a high level of heat and combustion quickly. 


  • The VEVOR Propane forge kit is easy to use.
  • The VEVOR Propane forge is portable.
  • The VEVOR Propane forge can be used for heavy metalworking
  • The Happy Single Horn Iron Anvil has a stable base.
  • The Happy Single Horn Iron Anvil has hardy holes for accessories.


  • The Anvil is mid-size and reliable only for crafting small.
  • The three burners might be wasteful unless for heavy work.

There are other smaller alternatives to the VEVOR portable Propane Forge three burner. You can check our recommended smaller-sized alternatives below. 

Recommended Small-Scale Alternatives

There are other smaller alternatives to the VEVOR portable Propane Forge three burner. You can check our recommended smaller-sized alternatives below

VEVOR Propane Forge Portable – 2 Burners

The VEVOR Propane Forge Portable 2 burner has dimensions of 15.7 x 8.5″ x 7.5 inches and weighs 22.9 lbs/ 10.4kg. The Propane Forge double burner is a large capacity Blacksmith Farrier Forge reaching a maximum of 2600°F and has a spacious workspace.

It has 30mm thermal insulation cotton and 30mm thermal insulation brick with an additional layer of refractory cement. 

The mini Forge kit comes with 2 burners, 2 refractory fire bricks, 1 regulating valve, 1 gas hose (6.5ft/2m), 1 brush, 1 set of assembled parts (2 globe valves and 2 copper outlets), and 1 Refractory cement.

The highlight of this 2-burner is high heating efficiency, you can start forging after just 3 minutes of preheating. All the key accessories are pre-installed so you can assemble the parts immediately. The forge has a special handle design that helps in easy grip and transport.

VEVOR Propane Forge Portable Single burner

The VEVOR Propane Forge Portable Single burner is the smallest forge. Although it has only 1 burner, it can reach an impressive temperature of 2300°F (1300°C). The burner has a 23 kW.h/ 80000 BTU which efficiently maximizes heating with the design of a vertical firing system.  

It is a perfect tool if you don’t need to do any heavy metalworking. It has one burner but it is effective and boasts a spacious workspace with a 3.5L chamber volume.

The chamber allows ideal exposure to the flame center spot which means you’ll get consistent heat distribution for your metal work giving you a better-quality job.

The complete kit of forging accessories includes a 9.8ft gas hose, 1 furnace bracket, 1 fire brick, 1 furnace bracket, a high-temperature glove, and a tong.

What Other Equipment You Might Need

There are other essential pieces of equipment that you need when you’re doing any blacksmithing or any metal works.

These are some of the additional tools and why you need them


Anvils are an essential tool for blacksmiths. the primary use is to shape the metals on the anvil. The flat surface creates a solid base for hammering and shaping the metal in the desired shape.

The reason why anvils work best is that they are made of steel which is a good conductor of heat. It keeps the metal hot which is important when propane forging.

Anvils are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of metalwork like shaping, flattening, bending, and punching metal.

This versatility makes them necessary equipment for any blacksmith, including those working with a propane forge. The best anvils should have a stable base to work on. A sturdy base also means it can prevent avoidable accidents.  

The VEVOR Cast Iron Anvil is a single-horn anvil that has a sturdy base and high hardness which makes it perfect for bending, shaping, and twisting. It comes in 2 weight ranges- 100lb/45kg and the smaller 25lb/11kg. They are cost-effective and a better choice if you’re working with a budget.

While the RIDGID Model 5 Forged Anvil will be your slightly high-end version of anvils. They are made of metal and alloy steel. The Model 5 Forged Anvil weighs 77lbs/35kg and can withstand heavy blows. They can easily be moved with a hand cart or by 1-2 people.

Eye Protection

You need to wear protective gear for your safety, especially for your eyes. Hot metal and sparks can fly off and cause damage to your eyes. There are special goggles and protective eyewear for this blacksmithing.

A face shield can also protect your face. However, good protective goggle works just as fine.

The SAFEYEAR anti-fog protective goggle is a good choice. These protective goggles are made of thermoplastic polyurethane which is lightweight yet durable and have a clear anti-fog lens which is a game changer. You can also wear them over your glasses which is a bonus.

If your eyes feel sensitive to the sparks, you can opt for SELLSTORM’S high-temperature protection safety goggles. It is tinted black with a shade 5 polycarbonate green lens that protects your eyes from harsh infrared and UV rays.

They also fit well over your prescription glasses and the lens is hard-coated to minimize scratch marks. Both products provide 360° protection and are priced reasonably. You can choose whichever suits your needs best.

Propane forges can produce chemical fumes that can cause irritation and inflammation to your eyes.

Additionally, propane forge produces extremely bright light which can damage your vision. It is a safety regulation in the metalworking industry to have protective gear, so even if you’re working from your own home you need to follow safety protocols. 

Fire Apron

A fire apron is essential when propane forging to protect yourself from burns and sparks flying off. fire aprons are made from fire-resistant material and can protect your skin and clothing from flames and damage.

Propane forging is done under high temperatures and you will require some clothing to protect yourself from the intense heat.

Contrary to popular belief, a fire apron is lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are flexible and allow free movement like any other clothing material. If you are looking for a comfortable fire apron that you can work in for a long time without feeling weighed down, check out these fire aprons.

QeeLink Leather welding work jacket with a leg split apron is a multipurpose fire apron that is unisex. It is made from superior-quality heavy-duty cowhide leather which provides heat and flame resistance.

They are also quite durable as they are sewn with Kevlar thread for strength and have corrosion-resistant rivets in high-stress sections.

Hobart unisex protective work and lab aprons are also highly reviewed and recommended for fire aprons. Made from cowhide split leather, it offers superior protection.

It has reinforced straps that can be adjusted to your comfort and liking. Hobart aprons are lightweight and also have heavy-duty stitching which ensures durability.

Hard Toe Boot

Propane forging melts metal at high temperatures and there is a risk of hot pieces falling off and burning your foot.

Hard-toe boots provide a protective layer, prevent other injuries, and increase overall safety when propane forging. Heavy pieces of metal may fall off and land on your foot potentially wounding it. A good quality hard-toe boot can make all the difference from protecting your foot to providing comfort while working.

One of the popular go-to Hard Toe boots is the Timberland Insulated Industrial Work Boot. It is made from 100% leather, waterproof, oil-resistant, and has 200g of insulation. Designed with an anti-fatigue technology of polyurethane footbed it absorbs shock and offers plantar support.

CAT Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is an excellent Hard Toe Boot that protects against impact and compression. Made from 100% quality full-grain leather, they are durable and abrasion resistant.

It also has Electrical Hazard Protection that protects electrical shocks up to 600 volts. Hard Toe boots can typically be uncomfortable for some as they feel pinched in the toe box.

Wearing the wrong shoe size can be harmful to your feet in the long run. It’s better to try different types and choose which you feel most comfortable in.


Safety should be a top priority when purchasing a propane forge kit. Look for kits that include safety features such as a pressure regulator, safety shut-off valve, and heat shield, and a reputable manufacturer.

By taking these considerations into account, you can establish the safe and effective functioning of your propane forge kit. 

In conclusion, buying a propane kit for a forge should take careful deliberation. Propane kits come in different sizes and have varying prices ranging from standard price to very expensive tag, having a budget can help you make a decision better.

Consider the size, quality, ease of installation, fuel efficiency, and cost to make an informed decision that meets your needs and budget.