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A lot can go wrong when welding and metal fabrication is involved. Let’s watch a real incident that I personally saw.

The Incident

As I drove toward Morton, IL to go to my weight loss group, I could see huge billows of smoke rolling into the air. I was still in Washington, IL, and heading toward whatever was on fire. I assumed it was in the commercial area of Morton to be throwing smoke in such huge amounts. read more

By taking what is considered one of the most intricate manufacturing processes and automating it, companies can increase efficiency of output at a lower cost, to keep profit margins higher and sustain better levels of quality. This article will explain the benefits of hard automation.

Traditionally, most manufacturing companies in the business of assembling parts have taken great pains to automate the factory floor, but have failed to address the welding process. In some cases, manual welding is still required. However, in many cases these days, most welding processes can be automated, given the advancements in software, tools, and technologies that support it. read more

Welding is can be a hobby and a professional skill. Many people are intimidated by this profession. However, it can be a career where a lot of money are made. After all, welders are always needed.

Construction groups around the city and state – as well as around the country – are always in need of such professionals as are government groups and engineer companies. This is a chance to learn the latest techniques and technology and to learn from experts. Highly learning experiences usually happen during apprenticeships, internships, and during their first jobs after they graduate from their welding school. read more