Making steel dragon-shaped ornaments can be a fun and creative project that requires some basic metalworking skills and tools. Here’s a general process to make steel dragon-shaped ornaments:


  • Steel sheet (16 or 18 gauge)
  • Dragon-shaped template
  • Sharpie or marker
  • Jigsaw or metal shears
  • Bench grinder or sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Anvil or hard surface
  • Steel wire (16 or 18 gauge)
  • Pliers
  • Paint or sealant (optional)


  1. Either locate a dragon-shaped template or create one on paper. Transfer the template on the steel sheet using a Sharpie or marker.
  2. Using a jigsaw or metal shears, cut the dragon form from the steel sheet. Before cutting the steel, use caution and wear safety equipment.
  3. The steel dragon shape’s edges may be rounded off using a bench grinder or sandpaper. The steel surface can also be given more texture or features using the bench grinder.
  4. To make the steel dragon appear three-dimensional, bend and mold it using a hammer and an anvil or other hard surface. Avoid overworking the steel to prevent cracking or breaking.
  5. As a hanger, cut a piece of steel wire. Using pliers, form a loop or hook out of the wire, and then fasten it to the top of the dragon decoration.
  6. The steel dragon ornament may be painted or sealed as desired. This step is optional, although it might aid in shielding the steel from corrosion and rust.

Now, you can hang your steel dragon ornament somewhere it can be seen and appreciated, such as a Christmas tree or a wall.