Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you’re likely to have questions about a technique or project you haven’t tried yet. You can start looking for answers here, or just browse around for project ideas like the ones below.

7 Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

If you are considering welding as a hobby or wondering if welding would make a good career choice, consider this fun tip: You can actually make some of the equipment you will need for your shop. Shop equipment makes great welding projects, and It’s a good way for beginners to practice basic welding skills and, if you have some experience with welding, making your own equipment can save you some money. Here are seven items you can build:

  • A welding table. This is a very useful addition to your welding shop. The table can have pipe or angle iron legs with a heavy-duty top welded over them. Be sure to reinforce the table with a box frame of flat iron around the bottom.
  • A hand truck. This is very useful for transporting large pieces of equipment or finished projects. Some pipe, wheels, and a metal plate are all you need. • A welding rod storage box makes a convenient place to put welding rods that would otherwise roll around on your workspace. Find a big piece of box iron and cut it to a length that will hold the welding rods upright and you can grab them easily. Then weld it to a plate of iron wide enough to support it.
  • A tool rack is easy to make with angle iron and some pipe couplings. Just drill some holes in the angle iron and weld on the pipe couplings. • While not strictly welding shop equipment, a horseshoe rack is a good way to net a few compliments from visitors. If you have a few horseshoes, you can weld them together.
  • If you have an old steel drum that you’ve never used, why not make a barbecue grill out of it? Make sure the drum is clean or reconditioned and has never held pesticides or poison. Look for a skull and crossbones on the side if you aren’t sure. To be absolutely sure, fill the drum with wood and light a fire.