This article focuses on Diversified Machine Systems – a 3 and 5 axis CNC Router and Machine Center Manufacturer, located in Colorado Springs, CO. Diversified Machine Systems specializes in the manufacturing of CNC Routing Systems for various industries and use on various materials. DMS Machines are used worldwide, by many different organizations, industries, and governments.

What is a 5-Axis CNC Router?

A 5 axis CNC router is a machine that works on wood and aluminum composite. It can also be used on foams, plastics, polymers and other materials. Basically, this router works by cutting portions of the material to create unique shapes and designs. Unlike manual routers, this makes accurate and efficient carvings and engravings in just a short period of time. If you want to avoid the risk of making mistakes when cutting material, let the router do the job for you.

What’s the Cost?

A 5 axis CNC router can be quite expensive. However, buying this kind of router can be your greatest investment, especially if you want your business to grow. Over time, you’ll be able to make your investment back because it won’t be difficult to increase your productivity. In many ways, a router helps businesses save more money because they don’t have to hire extra labor. With little supervision, the router will cut accurate details over and over again.

It is not easy to operate a 5 axis CNC router. However, if you are thinking of buying this machine, you do not have to be afraid of operating it. A computer that interprets commands to make a design controls the machine. When these commands are logged into the computer, the machine will carve images and engravings as ordered. Most of the time, the router is used to make designs for cabinets, drawers, and doors. In some cases, they can also be used for making interesting designs in plastic, steel, foam, and aluminum.

Manual engraving is a skill that many people have. However, if you have a commercial business that requires fast-paced production, manual engraving may not be enough. To support increasing demand from clients, you have to use a 5 axis router. This will not only make accurate carvings, but it will also help you keep up with orders. This machine carves quickly and accurately. It can also make 3D engravings that many people love.

Common 5-Axis CNC Router Features

Here are some of the Features and common values available from a 5-Axis CNC Router:

  • High Precision Cycloidal Gearsets on Rotary Axes
  • Heavy Duty Tube Frame Construction
  • Spinning Ballnut/Fixed Screw-on X & Y Axes for Increased Rigidity
  • 36″ Z Axis
  • Fagor 8055C Controller
  • 11″ Color LCD Monitor
  • 5 Meg Part Program Storage
  • DNC
  • Part Program Graphics
  • 1.75′ Thick Machined Aluminum Table Tops
  • 35 mm Star Linear Profiled Ways on all Axes
  • Safety Guarding
  • Closed-Loop Brushless AC Servo Motors
  • Inverted Z-Axis Counter Balance Cylinder

Other Additional Features Are:

  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • 10 HP ISO 30 Spindle
  • 15 HP HSK 63F Spindle
  • 48″ Z Axis
  • Automatic Lubrication to Ballnuts and Way Bearings
  • Automatic Vacuum Valve Control
  • Remote Operators Station
  • High Precision Fixture Table
  • Automatic Tool Height Sensor
  • Remote Teach Pendant Programmer
  • 5 Axis Tool Length Compensation (TCP)
  • 1 GB Compact Flash Card With TCP/IP Network Connection
  • CPU Turbo