Wrought iron is currently one of the most popular types of indoor decor for walls, but it is just as trendy outdoors. Beautiful works of sculpted art that include colorful glass accents are available for the yard. They are absolutely stunning, and they are a giant step up from plastic geese, cast resin bunnies, spinning daisies and other cheap types of yard decor. They last much longer too.

I prefer wrought iron over cast resin or ceramic yard decor. I have a few beautiful pieces in my yard, and I want to add more. However, overdoing yard decorations can cheapen the landscape no matter the theme or style. I choose my wrought iron decor wisely, and I creatively place it in my yard. I arrange glass and metal pieces where they will pick up sunlight, and I use flowers to provide a natural background.

Consider a Wrought Iron Post and Glass Ball Arrangement

I love glass gazing balls, but I do not like the typical methods of display. I prefer wrought iron posts and wraps over birdbath bases for exhibiting glass gazing balls. I have been displaying the same iridescent blue and purple glass gazing ball for years, and I have since added two iridescent green and blue gazing balls. I arrange them in a trio, and they look fantastic near the corner of my porch.

Decorate the Yard with a Beautiful Wrought Iron and Glass Sunburst

Some of the latest and greatest wrought iron and glass works of art are sunbursts. Without a doubt, they glimmer brilliantly in the sunlight. I would like to create an arrangement of wrought iron and glass sunbursts in another area of my yard. A sunny area is the best location. They are available in a rainbow of beautiful colors, and the wrought iron is just as gorgeous as the glass.

Add Wrought Iron Sculptures to the Landscape

Wrought iron sculptures add beauty and style to the landscape, and they can be quite beautiful. I found a highly detailed wrought iron sculpture of a crane. I also liked a trio of metal Siamese cats. However, when I decorate my yard I prefer to stick to a specific theme or style. Choose your favorite theme and style, and do not overdo it. A few high-quality pieces are much better than several cheaper items in any yard.