There is a warm, hospitable beauty that is unique to a country-style home. More than the inviting colors, fresh look, and happy atmosphere, there is energetic tranquility that courses through the home and welcomes anyone that steps inside. The ability to decorate is in itself a beautiful thing because it allows you to communicate yourself through the venue of your home. When you are decorating a country home, one of the tools that can help you communicate clearly is the use of wrought iron in your decorating scheme.

Decoration Ideas

There are many options for using wrought iron throughout the living areas of your house; one of these options is the use of wall hangings. Several different types of wall hangings can be considered, ranging from wall sconces that hold candles, to the decorative designs of wrought iron grilles and medallions that serve as three-dimensional pictures. You can also find wrought iron clocks and even shelving that is perfect for holding lightweight books, candles, or figurines. Hanging planters are great for adding both class and color to your décor, and coat and key holders are a practical addition as well as an attractive one. Little artistic iron keys are easy to find and look great hanging on iron key holders when suspended by a satin ribbon looped through the handle.

Curtain rods are a great subtle way to add wrought iron into your décor and can be used in any room. Another subtle accent can be the handles on your furniture-changing them to wrought iron as well will add a tone of delicate consistency throughout your home. If you have blankets you would like to display in a bedroom or living area, look for a wrought iron towel holder that is free standing. These have both utilitarian and aesthetic benefits. You might also look for basket tree, which looks like an actual iron tree with arms for hanging small, decorative baskets you wish to display. If you have a fireplace, be sure to choose a screen that incorporates wrought iron in its design, and try to find a matching fire tool set and log holder as well.

Small iron accessories can also be effective in country home décor. Delicate candle holders and platforms are classic and easy to find, and if you have a large picture to display, look for a wrought iron picture stand to hold it up. Lanterns, clocks, free standing crosses, and other figurines shaped from iron are easy to find in almost any decorating store, and look great on a shelf or table.

Accessories such as a hanging pot rack, chandelier, and wine rack can go a long way in carrying the country theme into the kitchen. Smaller pieces such as napkin and paper towel holders, cookbook stands, and soup spoon holders can be tied in as well. Wrought iron spice racks look great standing on the counter, and plate racks hung on the wall add a nice touch as well.

Wrought iron bathroom accessories such as a towel rack, toilet paper holder, and shower rod can tie in the country theme to your lavatory, and a simple accent such as a candle holder can contribute as well. If you have a garden or patio, consider adding a wrought iron table and chair set, along with a garden trellis or decorative fence that you can use to support a flowering vine. Window planters and hanging baskets are other great iron pieces that will help carry your theme outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your house with wrought iron is simple to do, as you have many options available to you, and they are all easy to find. Discount stores like WalMart and Target have plenty of wrought iron accessories, and stores like Kirklands and Garden Ridge will have a wide variety as well. Wrought iron is a great addition to a country home, and very effective in tying your stylistic theme effortlessly from room to room. The result will be a warm, hospitable house that you can’t help but love coming home to!