Anyone who has experience with fireplaces knows that burning wood directly on the floor of the fireplace doesn’t really work. A good fire needs good air circulation, so it’s almost imperative that the logs are lifted off the ground a few inches. There are many types of fireplace accessories out there that will solve this problem, although andirons are usually the best and most attractive option.

Using Wrought Iron Andirons

Many people use a traditional wrought iron log rack in their fireplace. They work well, they’re sturdy, and they can be nice to look at. Wrought iron andirons have one major advantage over fireplace racks, however. Since andirons are not attached to each other, you can move them closer or further apart from each other depending on the size of your logs.

Andirons have some major design advantages as well. Since they’re always made with tall front support beams, they can really become the focal point of your room. People’s eyes are always naturally attracted to the fireplace, and having beautiful wrought iron andirons framing your hearth can really look impressive.

There is one final benefit of using wrought iron andirons that many people never consider. Iron has the ability to absorb and retain quite a lot of heat. Even when your fire has gone out, your andirons will remain hot and will continue to heat the room. In this sense, they’re also great for energy conservation and for keeping your room warm for longer periods of time.