Anyone who has experience with fireplaces knows that burning wood directly on the floor of the fireplace doesn’t really work. A good fire needs good air circulation, so it’s almost imperative that the logs are lifted off the ground a few inches. There are many types of fireplace accessories out there that will solve this problem, although andirons are usually the best and most attractive option.

Using Wrought Iron Andirons

Many people use a traditional wrought iron log rack in their fireplace. They work well, they’re sturdy, and they can be nice to look at. Wrought iron andirons have one major advantage over fireplace racks, however. Since andirons are not attached to each other, you can move them closer or further apart from each other depending on the size of your logs. read more

I have an ’89 F-250 with an externally regulated alternator. I researched weldernator conversions and I wanted to get some first-hand experience before I altered my charging system. I collected some parts and built an alternator welder powered by a lawnmower (see my blog for details). It worked well enough for me to justify converting my F-250.

Modification Process

I picked up a large project box from Radio Shack, a double-throw switch, an automotive battery disconnect switch, a choke/throttle cable, and a 200 volt DC gauge from eBay. I had some 6 gauge wire, jumper cables, 110v outlet, and a 60 amp winch disconnect plug laying around the garage. I made my welding cables from the 6 gauge wire. I used the jumper cable clamps for the ground and electrode clamps. I used some scrap 5/16″ copper tubing to make some butt connectors to attach the wire to the winch plug. read more

For cabinetry with a more hand-made look, many people choose to use wrought iron hardware and accessories. While wrought iron may not be the most durable of materials, many people are drawn to the rustic look and feel of it. Wrought iron provides a medium for many artists, so if you are looking for handmade, one of a kind items, wrought iron is a good place to start.

Because wrought iron has the propensity to rust over time, make sure to choose a durable lacquer or finish when selecting hardware made of this material. Some may choose to pursue the darker traditional look, letting the true color of the iron shine through with the aid of a protective coating. Others may opt for a color lacquer, with will also protect the metal against damaging moisture. read more

Wrought iron is currently one of the most popular types of indoor decor for walls, but it is just as trendy outdoors. Beautiful works of sculpted art that include colorful glass accents are available for the yard. They are absolutely stunning, and they are a giant step up from plastic geese, cast resin bunnies, spinning daisies and other cheap types of yard decor. They last much longer too.

I prefer wrought iron over cast resin or ceramic yard decor. I have a few beautiful pieces in my yard, and I want to add more. However, overdoing yard decorations can cheapen the landscape no matter the theme or style. I choose my wrought iron decor wisely, and I creatively place it in my yard. I arrange glass and metal pieces where they will pick up sunlight, and I use flowers to provide a natural background. read more

Blacksmithing is a 3,500-year-old profession. Blacksmiths were working on metal projects as far back as the Bronze Age. In the past, blacksmiths had to rely on manpower to get the job done, but nowadays, industrial blacksmithing power hammers are helping to make the work much more efficient.


The Blacksmithing profession has come a long way from manual labor to a more automated process. Blacksmiths no longer have to toil long hours over the same slab of metal; industrial blacksmithing power hammers now make the job easier. Additionally, metalworking products are of superior quality compared to what was produced in the past. read more

A lot can go wrong when welding and metal fabrication is involved. Let’s watch a real incident that I personally saw.

The Incident

As I drove toward Morton, IL to go to my weight loss group, I could see huge billows of smoke rolling into the air. I was still in Washington, IL, and heading toward whatever was on fire. I assumed it was in the commercial area of Morton to be throwing smoke in such huge amounts. read more

My husband was brave enough to share his experience in tig welding with me. He is not the most patient person, but he does enjoy showing me what skills he has acquired when he can slow me down enough to teach me. Sometimes being asked to step into the man’s world is a benefit for the relationship. I know I was impressed at how much he was able to convey to me in such a short time, which didn’t even touch the amount of knowledge he has to carry around in his brain on a daily basis!

So, from a woman’s point of view, an amateur welder by far, and from the perspective of a wife, here is what I learned about tig welding in one afternoon! Although I was proud of the courage I showed to give it a try, I was still amazed at how something can look so simple but require so much thought. My list is not necessarily in the proper order. read more

By taking what is considered one of the most intricate manufacturing processes and automating it, companies can increase efficiency of output at a lower cost, to keep profit margins higher and sustain better levels of quality. This article will explain the benefits of hard automation.

Traditionally, most manufacturing companies in the business of assembling parts have taken great pains to automate the factory floor, but have failed to address the welding process. In some cases, manual welding is still required. However, in many cases these days, most welding processes can be automated, given the advancements in software, tools, and technologies that support it. read more


Blacksmithing requires many tools that help the blacksmith make objects from metal. Many wonderful items are made by a blacksmith like gates, horseshoes, and plant hangers. The metal is heated and pounded into the desired shape. Hammers, tongs, and files are some of the tools used by a blacksmith. read more

There is no clear cut way to becoming a blacksmith in this day and age. There are no apprenticeship programs or university degrees in blacksmithing. But if you are determined to become a blacksmith, there are ways you can learn the trade.

Blacksmithing, once a common occupation, is no longer a necessary trade due to modern machines and technology that can much more quickly and easily make the tools and other metal work that blacksmith made in the past. read more